About Us


2022-23 BOARDS

Women of the Arts

President                       Carol Dial
1st VP                               Susie Monzingo
2nd VP/Publicity          Kathy Severson
Recording Secretary  Nancy Knight
Treasurer                        Cindi Neverdousky
Parliamentarian           Nancy Plattsmier
Membership                 Sara Trew
Member at Large        Mary Ann White
Director                          Cindi Neverdousky

The Art Department

Chairman                                Susie Monzingo
Exec. V. Chair                          Marian Norman
1st VC Membership               Sara Trew
2nd VC Annual Art Show    Executive Committee
Recording Secretary            Nancy Knight
Treas. & Registrar                   Cindi Neverdousky
Parliamentarian                     Nancy Plattsmier
Corresponding Secretary    Ruth Hendrick
Tea Room Gallery                  Barbara Meilinger
Hospitality                               Susan Spencer
Adventures                              VACANT
Credentials                              Nancy Plattsmier
Yearbook                                  Kathy Severson
Activities/Federation Rep.   Mari Beth Douglas